I. Am. Literally. Hyperventilating.

I am totally freaking out rn bc my grades are slipping esp in Film 😱 I haven’t seen my current grade yet but I know it’s below average bc I’m not doing well rn 😷 If I weren’t in ugly character rn this wouldn’t happen 😵 please, all I need is mercy and understanding bc I def don’t wanna fail! 😭 it’s so not me even my ugliness is affecting my career! 💔

Also in my French class, I got a d-warning even though my current class performance wasn’t so bad. At all. 😠 srsly! Like what the hell is my professor doing what is wrong with you?! 👹 totally unfair bc I can’t avoid to not feel offended bc I’m doing just fine based on my quizzes, dialogues, etc. But this woman gave me a bloody d-warning even though I didn’t fail on any of my tasks? I cannot be more serious 😤

My TV writing class wasn’t as bad as the subjects I’ve mentioned above yet, but I’m not satisfied! 😭 I just hope next time it’ll be in my favor! Gaaah. And also to my web design class. This class ain’t making sense to me but here I am still hoping & praying to get a higher grade bc I only picked this as an elective bc we’re totally scarce on tuition fee rn! Tough life son, tough life.

My thesis. My thesis. My thesis. At least my thesis wasn’t so bad. ☀😔 I still got many things to do. I have to keep going and going even though my ugly character is getting my way. My Comm Entrep class is also okay but I can still do better. I keep saying I can do better bc I really can do better bc I’m not used to being just…. flat. 😖 oh dear me hang in there stay strong pls

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