Checked my feed before I go to sleep then I saw Ariana’s mag cover. Pose looks familiar then I realized something and can’t help not to post! Btch be stealin my pose. 😂😂 just kidding! Obviously

Finally speaking

Basically obsessed with a fictional character from Death Note named Mello ever since I watched it. Couple of years have passed and I’m still bloody dead with him. Like I wanna cuss rn so I can prove that I extremely want him so bad but I can’t bc I’m trying to come clean youknowwhatmsayin? People say Mello’s ugly or gay but guess what? Idc. I want what I want respect my feelings ok lol. I’m sorry excuse me but really DAAAAAAAMN SON. To my obsession’s extent I think I once prayed to God I know it’s not gonna happen but I want I need a badass boyfriend like Mello man idk but if there such thing as a female boner? It’s a perfect time to use! Fap fap fap.

One day I found this guy from the internet idk forgot where - who is so so IMPOSSIBLE can’t believe he’s still a human with all that flesh! Look HE SLAYED IT he’s a flawless Mello cosplayer 😩 talk about MINDBLOWN, SON. My confession is that I made an acc just to msg him personally and I. REGRET. NOTHING. Because he paid attention to me even tho he got sea of fans and seems that he doesn’t respond to them idk which side’s wrong maybe he’s a biggot but idc bc to me he’s not and he’s nice to me which made me like him more lol. Like I wanna keep him forever and then just hermit together and have our own world HAHAHA creeps

This is him and that was me commenting :(


It kinda bothers me but I don’t wanna ask since I might upset him tho I really wanna know the truth if he’s gay? Prolly you might think he’s gay but true or not, do I really mind that he’s actually gay or even like hard gay well no ok kinda but I’m just extremely blinded by him (which how I usually am when I like someone). Also, do I mind that he’s skinny? No. Kinda again, well he prolly got a tiny weenie while I’ve got nothing at all lol but who cares it’s not like he’ll like me back. All my crushes are either gay or taken lol poor me but that’s another story 💀

Don’t talk to me about peace and non-violence when there’s a dead animal on your plate
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